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We made our Maintenance Software as easy-to-use as possible. We like to say it’s as easy as taking a picture. Simply take a photo of the issue, instantly create a work ticket, and notify the maintenance team. Once it’s fixed, the maintenance team snaps a photo of the completed project, notifying everyone that the task is complete.

Work Order Manager

From the dashboard, you can also manage all the work orders. You can add due dates, assign to teams, define priorities, comment on the task, and get notifications and updates. You can see all open tasks in one place and sort your task view by the priorities and due dates.

Defined Process

With our Maintenance Software, you provide your staff with an easy and defined process. When they see something is broken or needs attention, they instantly know what to do. It is quick, easy, and can help keep your business in top shape for your customers.

Maintenance Software