Improving your operations is as easy as taking a picture

Facility Maintenance Software

FixIt, Crowdfind’s new facility management software is now available! Utilizing our Image-Led Workflow technology to create work tickets, FixIt will completely modernize facility maintenance software. Take a picture of an issue, create a work ticket, the maintenance team gets notified, fixes it, and uses a picture to mark the task as complete.

Lost and Found Software

Crowdfind’s lost and found software makes it easy for your customers to find their lost items 24/7. Use the Crowdfind SnapIt app to log items, track inventory and item claims, communicate with customers, create reports, and coordinate item pickups and shipments from our easy-to-use dashboard.

Lost and Found Returns

Lost and Found Returns

2018 was a great year for Crowdfind! Aside from launching our new Maintenance Software – we also had a great year with our Lost and Found Software.

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Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance Management Software Helps Improve Customer Experiences

Using Crowdfind’s maintenance management software, FixIt, will provide your customers with a better experience.

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Lost and Found Logs

An Online Lost and Found Log Can Keep You On Track

Are you still using a spreadsheet as your lost and found log? Are you sure everyone is updating it? Is the information accurate? There is a solution, Crowdfind. We take your lost and found log online making the whole process a breeze.

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