Your favorite Lost and Found buddies are heading down to Las Vegas for our debut at the XLIVE Conference Startup Showcase. From December 5th-7th you can check us out at Booth #4, but don’t miss our big presentation on December 6th scheduled at 1:36pm PST.

Crowdfind will be covering, and quickly solving, the trials and tribulations of attendees’ Lost and Found journey at events and music festivals. We will also be giving an exclusive look under the hood at our really cool plans for 2017! If you are planning a spontaneous trip to Vegas or already attending the conference (both are good) we would be thrilled to chat:

If you are just as excited about 2017 as us and can’t make it no worries. You can still stay in the loop to get a peek behind the 2017 curtain by shooting us a note or signing up here.


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