Most companies look at Lost & Found as an organizational burden. Our clients disagree. By working with Crowdfind, they have turned their Lost & Found into a customer engagement tool.

Crowdfind Lost & Found software integrates into your website and mobile app to empower your customers to search through your Lost & Found at any time of day. This increases returns and customer satisfaction.


Crowdfind is the world’s premier Lost and Found software and services provider for Venues, Events and Hotels. Located in Chicago, our software integrates into your website and mobile applications to simplify the Lost & Found process for your customers and staff.

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A Visual Inventory

Crowdfind lost and found software integrates into your website and mobile apps, making it easy for your customers to find their lost items at any time of day.

Easy Item Upload

In less than 5 second, your staff can easily log Lost & Found inventory with the Crowdfind SnapIt app.

Inventory Manager

Your staff can track all items, customer claims and shipments from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Lost and Found Software