Improving your lost and found is as easy as taking a picture.

Use Crowdfind’s lost and found software to easily track lost and found inventory, communicate with customers, facilitate returns, and create automated reports.

Lost and Found Software

Your customers are losing things. Provide better customer service with Crowdfind’s digital lost and found software.

Each time a customer loses something, you have a chance to show you care by offering great customer service. That is why businesses, venues, transportation hubs, and events of all sizes use Crowdfind’s digital lost and found software.

Inventory and Claim Management

Your team can track your online Lost and Found inventory and customer item claims from one centralized dashboard. This makes it easier for your team to communicate effectively with your customers and facilitate more returns. Using Crowdfind’s Lost and Found Software you can:

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Simplify Customer Returns

Sometimes, setting up an item return can be a long and difficult process. With Crowdfind’s online Lost and Found software, it is simple. From the online lost and found dashboard you can:

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Create an Online Lost and Found Page

With Crowdfind’s lost and found software, you can create a customer-facing lost and found page. This allows your customer to go to your website, search for their items, and file claims. Worried about items getting to the rightful owner? Don’t worry, Crowdfind provides our clients with verification tools. With Crowdfind’s online lost and found website you can:

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