Lost and Found Returns

2018 was a great year for Crowdfind! Aside from launching our new Maintenance Software – we also had a great year with our Lost and Found Software. Specifically – the amount of lost and found returns that took place this year.

Lost and Found Returns

The most lost and found returns by item category were:

  • IDs and Cards: 4,729
  • Clothing: 1,299
  • Mobile Devices: 5,600

What’s even better? 63% of phones got returned to their owner. Think about that. More half the people that were heartbroken that they lost their phones with priceless pictures, messages, and important information ended up getting good news, their phone was turned in.

25,760 people, despite going through the horrible experience of losing their property, left a business or event with a good feeling. These companies took a usually terrible experience and turned it into a customer engagement tool.

Even if their item wasn’t returned – they still got a response, they still got closure. The customer saw a company care enough to use a software designed to easily return lost items to them.

It may not work out every time, but customers still see a company that has enough empathy to make an effort, and that’s what matters to most people. That’s enough to make a lifetime, loyal customer.

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