Your customers are losing things. Provide better customer service with Crowdfind’s digital Lost and Found. 

Each time a customer loses something, you have a chance to show you care by offering great customer service. That is why venues and events of all sizes use Crowdfind’s digital Lost and Found.

Improving Customer Service

For Events

Whether you are a large, well-known festival or a small community get together, chances are that your attendees will lose something. With Crowdfind’s digital Lost and Found, we provide you the tools needed to make the Lost and Found experience as easy as possible for your patrons and staff.

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For Venues

Venues such as stadiums, museums, and tourist destinations experience a high volume of visitors from all around the world. As these patrons lose their items, it can be difficult for to facilitate returns. Crowdfind’s digital Lost and Found allows you to provide a 24×7 customer-facing image inventory, thus making this process simple and convenient for both your staff & customers.

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For Transportation Agencies

It’s a simple fact: people lose things when they travel. Whether on their daily commute, a family flight for spring break. As travel can be a hectic experience, simplifying the Lost and Found process by using Crowdfind is a great way to differentiate yourself with your customers and ensure you provide a great customer service experience.

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For Colleges and Universities

At Crowdfind, we have worked with numerous colleges and universities to improve their Lost and Found process. Our digital Lost and Found can benefit both the students and the people managing the inventory. Student unions, common areas, and stadiums have proven to all be areas that lead to high numbers of lost items. Our clients use Crowdfind to help their students so they can focus on school, not add to their stress.

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