Navy Pier Lost and Found

Navy Pier Lost and Found

With over 8 million annual visitors, Chicago’s Navy Pier is the 26th most trafficked tourist destination in the world. Needless to say, thousands of items are lost at their facility each year, and they had difficulty keeping track of all the items. Beginning in June 2014, Crowdfind has helped manage Navy Pier lost and found.


Navy Pier Crowdfind

Where They Were

Before Crowdfind, Navy Pier logged all of their Lost & Found inventory into a 3 ring binder, and then duplicated that same information into an Excel spreadsheet. All customer inquiries were routed through a general voicemail system. Their guest services and security teams were getting inundated, and they had no easy way to manage their process.

Where They Are Now

Since June 2014, thousands of items have been processed and Navy Pier has reported a significant drop in the time spent on Lost & Found by their employees. In addition, they have expanded from just using Crowdfind’s software platform to utilizing Crowdfind’s staff to help ensure a first-class Lost & Found experience for its guests.

Crowdfind has surpassed all expectations and has really delivered for our guests. I couldn’t imagine ever going back to the old archaic process we had before.

Brian Murphy, COO