Maintenance Management Software

It’s 2018, time for businesses to adapt and use the best productivity technology available. Businesses need to be equipped with the right technology to provide the best experience for their customers.

When a customer walks into your business, the first thing they notice is the appearance of the facility. If they notice potential hazards, chipping paint, or other eyesores, it makes them think twice about the experience and products you provide. They’re spending their money at your business, they want your facility to be in great shape. Don’t lose points because of easy fixes.

Without maintenance management software, submitting maintenance requests is complicated. Employees don’t know who to notify, how to notify them, and how to describe the problem. Because of this, they drop the issue and assume someone else will handle it.

When something gets reported, maintenance managers assign work tickets and delegate. But, how are they sure a work ticket was completed? They have to spend part of their day hunting people down for updates. Without the right maintenance management software, there is too much room for error.

Maintenance Management Software

That’s where technology comes in. Using CMMS systems can improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. FixIt, Crowdfind’s maintenance management software is the best option to improve your maintenance department. With FixIt, employees can immediately notify maintenance of issues as soon as they spot them. The best part? Using the software is as easy as taking a picture.

When an employee notices an issue, they open the FixIt app and snap a photo. The photo notifies the maintenance team. They see the picture and assesses the problem. Once it’s fixed, they take a photo of the finished product and mark it as done. The completed photo notifies managers that the work ticket has been closed and the job is complete.

Our maintenance management software also works as a work ticket manager. Managers can prioritize work tickets based on importance, add notes and more photos, assign tasks, and communicate with employees through the dashboard.

By using FixIt, companies can be sure their customers are experiencing their venue in the best possible state. Seeing that your business takes such great care of their venue, customers will feel valued and safe. Nothing will hold them back from fully enjoying their experience.

Bring your Maintenance Management online.

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