Maintenance App

Our maintenance app and software, FixIt, provides major fixes to maintenance processes. Historically, keeping track of so many work tickets can get chaotic and lead to things slipping under the radar. We have found that filters are the key ingredient for a well oiled and organized system. These filters are used to sort tasks, making it easy for the user to keep track of what they’re working on. Therefore, turning a typically frustrating process into a simple one.

Fixit utilizes our premier image-led workflow system, as seen in our lost and found software. This works by using photos to log and track tasks. It starts by taking a photo which is used to show and log what needs to be fixed. More detail is provided within the task in the ‘descriptions’ field. Each task also has a chat feature where teams can discuss the specific tasks. Various filters are used in the sidebar to efficiently and clearly organize information. 

Fixit Filters

Available task filters include location, due date, assignee of the task and the team assigned to the task. The task descriptions follow each image providing as much detail as possible presenting a clear vision of what needs to be fixed. Filters are custom and each user organizes their tasks in ways that work best for them. 

Filter tasks even more by using the sidebar of the maintenance app or desktop version. The task filters include unassigned, me and archives. “Unassigned” displays the tasks that have not been assigned to a person or team. “Me” filters the tasks assigned to that specific user. “Archive” shows the completed assignments. Keeping completed tasks in an archive allows more accurate reporting and shows the maintenance history of specific items.

We are proud to use our image-led workflow to provide an efficient method for your maintenance needs. We believe that with our filtered tasks, our maintenance app turns a frustrating situation into a simple solution.

Bring your Maintenance Management online.

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