Easily keep your business in top shape with Crowdfind’s Maintenance Management Software. Your employees can notify the maintenance department of a problem just by taking a photo. With this maintenance management tool, your business will have a defined, easy to understand, and successful maintenance process. FixIt is completely modernizing maintenance software. Click here for a 14-day free trial. 

Snap a picture, notify maintenance, fix the problem

Keeping track of maintenance work orders has never been easier. Create a work order by taking a photo, notify the correct team, and fix the problem. It also gives your maintenance teams the tools they need for communication, reporting, prioritizing, and keeping track of due dates. With our Maintenance Management Software, you’ll see results in no time.

Save Time

Creating a maintenance work ticket shouldn’t be harder than taking a picture. Because of their job, the maintenance team is hard to find. FixIt gives your team one place to go to submit work tickets, notify maintenance, and get problems fixed. Crowdfind’s maintenance management software also provides your maintenance team with an easy tool for work ticket management.

Easy management

Use our maintenance management software to easily check-up on work tickets and ensure repairs are getting done. All you have to do, check the dashboard – everything you need to see is in one place. You can also update tickets with priorities and due dates, ensuring the maintenance team will see the most urgent work tickets first.

Streamline your process

It’s 2019, technology is used everywhere for everything. Your business should be no different. With Crowdfind’s maintenance management software, employees won’t spend hours of their day trying to figure out who to contact about an issue, and how to contact them. Keep your business on track and looking its best with Crowdfind’s maintenance management software.

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