Improving your maintenance department is as easy as taking a picture.

Introducing Crowdfind’s cloud-based maintenance software. Our software uses images to streamline maintenance processes, decrease mistakes, and save time. Finally, a maintenance software that’s so easy-to-use everyone loves it!

Snap a picture, notify maintenance, fix the problem.

Crowdfind’s maintenance software keeps your business in top shape just by taking a picture. With our software, employees easily log issues, notify maintenance, and quickly get things fixed. Our software is effective and easy to use, and we are proud of that. Fixit completely modernizes maintenance management.

Save Time

Creating a maintenance work ticket shouldn’t be harder than taking a picture. Because of their job, the maintenance team is hard to find. FixIt gives your team one place to submit work orders, notify maintenance, and get problems fixed. With Crowdfind’s cloud-based maintenance software you can:

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Manage work tickets

Use FixIt’s dashboard to easily check-up on work tickets and ensure tasks are getting done. Update priorities and due dates to guarantee the maintenance team sees the most urgent tasks first. With Fixit, CMMS software, you will be able to:

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Streamline your process

It’s 2019, technology is being used everywhere for everything. Your business should be no different. Use Crowdfind’s work ticket manager to easily keep your business on track. Above all, provide your employees with software they can actually use because it’s easy to understand. With our maintenance software you will:

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