Here is a list of our clients and a link to their lost and found pages. Please click the corresponding button to look for your item and file a claim. For next steps to take after filing a claim, click here.

If you have already filed a claim, someone from the location will reach out to you about your item. If you wish to message them, hit ‘reply’ to your claim email and type a reply. When you hit send, it will go directly to the lost and found team at that venue.

If the location where you lost your item is not listed, they are unfortunately not a client and you will need to reach out to them directly. Feel free to recommend our software to them so they can improve their lost and found department!🙂

Please note: Crowdfind provides the lost and found software our clients use to run their lost and found. We do not physically handle items or claims. Reaching out to us is not the correct action to take.