Lost and found proceedure

Figuring out your Lost and Found Procedure isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving parts, rules and laws you might not be aware of, no one is sure whose responsibility it is, and not to mention where do you put all the stuff. Crowdfind helps companies refine their Lost and Found Procedure to ensure they are following regulations and helping their customers have the best chance of getting their items back to them.

  1. Define Your Rules

    This will let your employees know how long you have to keep items, how the matching process works, and best procedures for unclaimed items. Don’t forget to check your state laws for lost property, there may be legal requirements you are unaware of.

  2. Put Someone in Charge of it

    If you have someone you can make the point person, do it. It will help everyone to have one person they can go to with questions and someone who can make sure the guidelines are being followed.

  3. Sort Your Items

    Find a technique that works for your company. It could be sorting by date, item number (which Crowdfind provides), item type, etc.

  4. Stay Organized

    Based on what items they typically receive and the location they have to store items. If you don’t have room for these items, we can help!

  5. Make Returns Easier

    The more items you are able to return to the owner, the less you have to house, and the happier customers are. With Crowdfind, you can post your items on your website so your customers can view them and find their items 24/7. With our screening process, you can verify the owner before handing over the item saving your staff and customers valuable time.

  6. Don’t Hoard Items

    Once the time period is up, get rid of your items in eco-friendly, efficient and socially responsible ways. The less you have the easier it will be to track your items and make returns. It is important to ensure you are transparent with your procedure so customers have peace of mind knowing your staff isn’t taking their items home and personal information isn’t ending up in a dumpster. How is this possible? We can help.

Defining your Lost and Found procedure might seem like a daunting process, but once you do it you will make Lost and Found easier for everyone involved. Follow these steps to create a better system for your company. And if you’re not sure what to do with all your Lost & Found items, check out this post.

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