Lost and Found Logs

Are you still using a spreadsheet as your lost and found log? Are you sure everyone is updating it? Is the information accurate? How do you make reports with all this information? Do you keep track of the items? How much time and manpower is wasted? There is a solution, Crowdfind. We take your lost and found log online making the whole process a breeze.

As soon as an item is found or turned in, you snap a picture of it and the lost and found log is updated. More information on why we use pictures here. Anyone on staff you choose to grant access can log items with a smart device. Our cloud-based platform decreases the likelihood of items slipping through the cracks because you can immediately log the item from anywhere.

When logging items, you choose the category of item it is, phone, wallet, ID, clothing, etc. Then, you make internal notes to help with the verification process. When it is posted, a unique number is assigned to the item in the lost and found log. These numbers are used to tag the physical items so they are easily identified. We also recommend organizing items by type and number so items can be found quickly where you store your items.

Lost and Found Log

Once the logging process is over, the items are posted online, and tracking is easy. You know the date and time the item was found, who uploaded it, if any customers have made a claim to the item, if it has been shipped out or picked up, and how many days you have held it in your facility. Your lost and found log is always up-to-date, you do not have to double check a spreadsheet and hope it is accurate. You can customize our software for the number of days you typically hold items, usually 60 to 90 days, and as soon as those days are up the item achieves itself and can be donated or safely disposed of.

One of the most helpful features of our online lost and found log, reports are automated and easy to pull. Gone are the days of pouring over spreadsheets trying to create reports of items lost, categories, number of items found, number of items returned to owners, number of items donated, etc. Our system can automatically create those reports for you, saving you hours of work.

Lost and Found Logs

The majority of businesses are moving towards using software for more and more departments, why not Lost and Found? Using technology can simply workflows, supply more accurate information, and save time and money. Not to mention, customers demand companies to use current digital technologies. Don’t be the last to update your process.

Bring your Lost and Found log online.

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