Lost and found items

Perhaps one of the hardest parts of running your company’s Lost & Found is answering the question what do you do with lost and found items you receive. There is never enough room for these items, and it seems nearly impossible to keep them organized.  Are you following your statutory and fiduciary obligations? How do you keep staff members from taking things home and ease your customers’ concern that is happening? At Crowdfind, we understand this struggle. That is why we have found the way to answer the question of what to do with lost and found items responsibly and rid yourself of this burden. We have expanded our services to allow companies to send expired Lost & Found items to our facility and allow us to handle the items, claims, and returns as well as what to do with the items after they expire.

  1. Data Protection

    Crowdfind works to ensure all device data for unclaimed items is wiped properly and protected. This is a big liability for organizations, so transferring items to Crowdfind transfers liability and we make it our responsibility to ensure these are protected.

  2. Better Customer Service

    While managing claims, our trained customer experience team will ensure your customers receive great customer service and receive timely responses and updates throughout the entire process.

  3. Tracked & Customer Paid Shipping

    When Crowdfind manages returns, we work with top shipping carriers to ensure tracking numbers are sent to claimants so they can track the progress of their items. This limits liability and makes for a better and more transparent experience.

  4. Limit Employee Shopping

    We ensure that unclaimed items don’t end up in possession of your employees, but rather are responsibly recycled and donated. This can ease your customer’s worry that someone decided to pocket their property.

  5. Follow the Law

    It is a surprise to most that there are state laws and regulations on how to handle lost property. Crowdfind is willing to take on the liability and comply with the rules and best lost and found guidelines.

  6. Be Environmentally Friendly

    Instead of throwing items away, we work to offer unclaimed items a “second life” via our non-profit and third-party partners. In instances where items must be destroyed, we ensure all items are responsibly disposed of and recycled whenever possible and any items with personal or sensitive information are properly disposed of. Through this initiative, we have learned that every pound we donate to a local charity saves 2,400 gallons of water and 15lbs of CO2 into the environment.

  7. Make a Larger Impact

    With Crowdfind, you can also be sure that items in good condition will be donated to various charities, impacting the lives of those they serve. The higher number of items we are able to donate will make a bigger impact. If your organization has a specific charity partner, we are happy to ensure items are donated to them and their cause.

There are many benefits to Crowdfind’s new service. Whether you do not have enough space, manpower, or resources to properly execute your Lost & Found or answering what to do with all the lost and found items, we can help. We know Lost & Found can be a headache. But, when you use Crowdfind you take the headache away and give you, your staff, and your customers some piece of mind knowing your Lost & Found is in good hands.

Ditch the spreadsheet – Use Crowdfind!

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