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Florida law updates are planned to take place in July 2018. The changes are focused on entertainment complexes, so be prepared to update your Lost and Found policies to ensure your company is complacent.

Changes include what you can do with your items post-expiration, and how long you must hold onto items. With the new law, you will be able to donate Lost & Found items after holding them for a minimum of 30 days. You will no longer be required to hand them over to Florida law enforcement before donating.

In some ways, this makes things easier, and your company will be able to help those in need. But in other ways, you may be faced with problems including where to store items, how long does your company want to hold onto items (the mandated 30 days or more?), and where to donate them.

Crowdfind can help! Using Crowdfind not only allows you to access to an easy-to-use, consumer-facing Lost & Found software, but our other services. These services include claim management, customer communication, item storage and taking care of the donation process for your company.

We also fix one of the main issues companies face by supplying reliable tracking and reporting for organizations. This important step is easily missed and not accurately reported when using spreadsheets and other methods relying on manual entry.

These changes are coming. Be prepared by utilizing the best Lost and Found system on the market.

Make your Lost and Found problem a thing of the past with Crowdfind

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