Happy Fourth of July! No doubt your social media feeds will be flooded with photos and videos from friends over the next week as they enjoy barbecues and fireworks.

Wouldn’t it be odd if these friends were to send an email with attachments of photos of their vacations instead of sharing it on social media? Consumer-focused social media applications, like Instagram, are image-led and make providing an update as easy as taking a picture. Why should Enterprise Software be any different?

At Crowdfind, we use an image-led workflow to change the way Lost and Found inventory is managed. This workflow saves our clients time and makes their customers very happy. Because of this success, Crowdfind is actively raising capital to bring this same Image-Led Workflow to new areas of Enterprise software.

Say you’re in charge of operations at an airport and you notice a broken water fountain while walking between meetings. Why can’t you just snap a picture, assign it to maintenance, and keep going on with your day?

At Crowdfind, we are revamping our software to do just that. With proof of completion photos and chat functionality, our updated application will allow operations teams to visually communicate with the ease of using a social media app.

But, we can’t get there without your support. We only have a little more than three weeks left in our campaign. So, click on the button below to help us change how operations teams communicate!

Bring your Lost and Found log online.

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