Lost and Found Technology

Be a hero. Provide lost and found technology and help your customers find their lost items.

Crowdfind How

Most companies look at Lost and Found as a burden. Our clients disagree. By using Crowdfind’s Lost and Found technology, they have turned their Lost and Found into a customer engagement tool and an opportunity to provide a better customer experience. 

Crowdfind’s Lost and Found technology integrates into your website and mobile app to provide and online Lost and Found platform. The online Lost and Found page empowers your customers to search through your Lost & Found inventory and file a claim at any time of day. This eases the stress they feel after losing an item, increases returns, and decreases frantic voicemails. Customers feel heard and valued and feel that you are taking finding their item seriously. 

Lost and Found Solution

Inventory and Claim Management

Your team can track your online Lost and Found inventory and customer item claims from one centralized dashboard. This makes it easier for your team to communicate effectively with your customers and facilitate more returns. Using Crowdfind’s Lost and Found System you can:

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Simplify Customer Returns

Sometimes, returning an item to its rightful owner is a whole other issue. With Crowdfind’s Lost and Found system, it is simple. From the online lost and found dashboard you can:

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Outsource Your Lost and Found

Figuring out a Lost and Found system is a headache. Well, as the self-described “Lost and Found nerds,” we love it! Whether you need our software to handle Lost and Found at an event or venue, or you’d like us to just take all of the “stuff” and manage customer care, we can develop a solution that meets your needs.

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