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Superior Lost & found management for the back office

Simplified Item Logging

With Crowdfind’s SnapIt App, you can easily log your Lost and Found items in as little as 5 seconds, thus freeing you up to focus on other tasks. With the SnapIt app, simply take photo of an an Item, add a Category and you’re done. No more messing around with spreadsheets or binders. If you can snap a picture, you can log an item.

Easy Inventory Management

Easily manage all Lost and Found Items and customer Claims from one dashboard. Our Administrative dashboard is completely searchable, meaning you can easily locate an item or claim in your inventory. And with our activity tracking, you will always have an understanding of your total Lost and Found volume.

Shipping Label Generation

Returning items to their owners has never been easier (WC)! With Crowdfind, you choose your preferred shipping vendor and generate shipping labels directly from our software, meaning no back-and-forth with your customers and no logging into another system. The best part? Your customers can cover the cost of the labels themselves, thus saving you time and money.


A full-service Lost & Found experience.

All the features of the Starter package, plus:

Consumer-Facing Lost & Found Page

Put your customers’ minds at ease with our Virtual Lost and Found page. Your customers can search through a visual inventory of your Lost and Found, 24x7, thus allowing them to quickly identify whether or not you have their lost stuff.

In-Depth Lost & Found Reporting

Crowdfind Pro customers have access to in-depth Lost and Found reporting. Create visual charts and quickly access analytics on your Lost and Found activity. In addition, you can track Item and Claim activity history so that you understand exactly what happened with each Item and Claim.

Custom Claim & Item Settings

Customize your claim questions to ensure pertinent information is received from your guests to simplify the return process. You may also adjust your Item post settings to control what information is shared with your customers.


A fully-branded Lost & Found experience for organizations focused on guest experience

All the features of the Pro package, plus:

Fully-Branded Lost & Found Page

Customize your customer-facing Lost and Found page to ensure it is consistent with your branding. From adding a header image to customizing the button colors, our All-Star package ensures that your Lost and Found page matches your brand guidelines to help your team shine.

Custom Customer Emails

The All-Star package allows you to completely customize your customer Lost and Found emails. You may add in clickable header images that drive to a loyalty page, or add in custom email footer information that offers helpful tips for your customers. With the All-Star package, you can completely control customer messaging.

Superior Support

team to ensure a Lost and Found expert is available to help you create a premium Lost and Found experience. Not only can we help answer any questions, but we can also help think through how to best optimize your customer messaging.