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Aftercare: Outsourced Item & Claim Management

(AKA – Send us your stuff and we’ll manage it remotely)


Have you ever wanted to just have someone else deal with your Lost & Found? Yes?! Well good news: we’re here to help! With Crowdfind Aftercare, send us your Items and Crowdfind will handle Item storage, returns, liquidation and customer claim management. Pretty cool, right?

Lost & Found Event Supervisor

$825/Day/Person (not including travel)

Crowdfind can provide you with a supervisor (or supervisors) to assist your staff on the ground at the event and to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Lost & Found Event Support Staff

$500/Day/Person (not including travel)

Crowdfind can also provide additional support staff to help work your Lost & Found booth.

Crowdfind Consultant

$1,000/Day (not including travel)

Would you like a Crowdfind consultant to visit your space and recommend the optimal Lost & Found set-up? We can certainly do that. We can send one of our Lost & Found Consultant’s to your location to help you create a Lost & Found experience that will help your staff while making your customers happy.


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With Crowdfind’s sponsorship opportunities, your Lost & Found can shift from a cost center to a revenue generator. Want to learn more? Drop us a line here (link to an email)