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Using software might seem daunting, but in reality it can help simplify processes. Crowdfind’s Lost and Found software helps our clients define their process, thus creating a simple lost and found process that creates happy customers.

The way that Crowdfind’s Lost and Found software works is pretty simple, which is part of its beauty. Using our app, you take a photo of the item, input some information, and post it to the website. This logs it into the lost and found inventory, automatically tracking the items. 

What makes logging items so straightforward is the fact that you can put them into preexisting categories. For example, if a phone is turned in, a picture of the phone is taken on the app, then you select the phone icon to add it to the ‘mobile devices’ category. You can add item descriptions, and internal notes to help verify ownership in the future. That phone is then sent to the “queued” section of the items tab on the dashboard where managers can verify the information was properly added. After that, the item is published to the main site, making it visible to customers.

After items are logged and posted, customers can search the website for their item. If they see it posted, they can file a claim to the item saying that it is theirs. Going back to the phone example, say someone goes to claim a phone, the claim form questions for that category are specifically written to help gather all information needed to verify ownership. This includes an accurate description of the brand, model, color and a few tricks we provide our customers to be sure it is a match. If ownership is verified, then the item’s matched claim is accepted and can be scheduled for pickup or shipping using our integrated shipping feature. 

While this all may sound complicated, this process makes returning items more convenient and efficient for your company and customers. Creating a simple lost and found process helps save your company time and money by cutting down on the need for lost and found phone calls and by saving money on shipping. Find out how Crowdfind can help your company create their simple lost and found process today

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