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Do you ever wonder what a lost and found company does with unclaimed inventory? Do you envision stacks upon stacks of unclaimed property in an overflowing warehouse? Here at Crowdfind, we are grateful to donate our items back to the community.

Each company that uses our software decides how long to keep their lost and found inventory active. After the time expires, the items become unclaimed property. After expiration, we sort out items containing personal information. We clear and destroy the data, then properly recycle and dispose of the items. Then, we are left with items including clothing, sunglasses, bags, and more.

Instead of letting these belongings sit and collect dust, we have always donated and recycled expired items. But in the past few months, we have set up official donation partnerships with Goodwill and Margaret’s Village, a homeless shelter in Chicago.

Margaret’s Village is a non-profit homeless shelter nestled in the south side of Chicago in Englewood. This organization not only provides housing for the homeless but enhances the quality of life in the community.

Our mission is to provide transitional housing for homeless women, children, and families, and provide experiences that empower, mentor, and support women and the broader community so they can achieve their highest potential. (source)

In addition to providing interim shelter, numerous programs are offered. Job coaching, employment placing, art therapy, music and communication classes, and an extensive senior center are just some of the opportunities offered at the shelter.

Since the shelter aims at helping families we set aside blankets, sleeping bags, baby supplies, and packaged foods to donate on a bi-monthly basis. Whichever unclaimed property that doesn’t fit Margaret’s Village need’s, we donate to Goodwill.

Goodwill is not only a thrift store that hipsters roam to find vintage fashion styles. This non-profit also serves the community through extensive educational programs in addition to its donation items.

Goodwill® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that strives to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by helping people reach their full potential through education, skills training and the power of work. (source)

Unclaimed Property

At Goodwill, immense educational and work programs are offered to help people in need to find employment. These programs range from educational classes to supporting services such as child support and access to transportation.

Of course, we want each and every one of our items to be returned to their proper owner. However, there isn’t much to be done if an owner never comes forward. We believe customers will be happy knowing their lost items are being used to do some good rather than sitting in a landfill. As our expired inventory builds, we will continue to support the missions of Goodwill and Margaret’s Village and use our unclaimed property to give a little bit back to the community.

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