In today’s highly social and feedback-driven world, finding opportunities to make your customers happy can be the difference between a repeat purchase and a potentially crippling negative review online. Yet one customer service opportunity that many operators overlook is their Lost & Found process. A key reason that customers visit your website once leaving your event or venue is because they have lost something. Your team has spent considerable resources on creating a memorable experience for your customers, yet if you make it difficult for them to contact you about a missing item, their view of your organization will often be diluted.

Crowdfind’s innovative Lost & Found software and services offering has been designed to help event organizers, enterprise organizations and transportation agencies transform their Lost & Found from an operational burden into a unique customer engagement tool. When you show your customers that you care about their lost items, it is proof that your organization is willing to go the extra mile. Watch Crowdfind’s own Benji Friedl and Dan Sullivan discuss how Crowdfind is changing customer service and Lost & Found at Chicago’s Technori event in July.

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