It Definitely Takes Practice

Malcom Gladwell’s 10,000 hours taught us that over a long enough time of practice we can master anything. Unfortunately, being a “Loser” is inclusive to this. As a person that habitually misplaces or loses items I’ve gained a particular mastery of this (let’s say) skill. 

For many losing something is a rare occurrence (Lucky!!) but an occurrence nonetheless. Avoid learning these lessons the hard way and even follow them here.

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. – Douglas Adams

When will it happen?

As Murphy’s Law outlines if it can go wrong it will go wrong. This is definitely true within Lost & Found, while having a side effect of the worst timing ever. However, there are a lot of signs that can lead to an increased chance of loss. Know the signs and try to avoid the loss.

  1. Not part of the routine

Routines are great! We are creatures of habit and habits are very comfortable. Breaking those habits can have some ill affects however. Something as simple as an after work event, a new hat, or just an overdue vacation can quickly end with Lost & Found anxiety. Ever leave your bag or purse at the bar or event space after work? Thank you habits. Carrying additional items in settings outside of the norm means you are more likely to lose it. A camera on vacation helps you capture those unique experiences but your habitual pat down check is only searching for a phone, keys, and wallet. Oops…

Know what you are carrying and try to keep it as few items as possible. Avoid bringing laptops or work items with you to events. Also, why do we even carry cameras anymore? Seriously, your phone can do all that stuff and more (don’t lose that). 

  1. Just having too good of a time- Alcohol

When it comes to Lost & Found there is “Too Good” of a time. Alcohol is one the largest contributing factors to Lost & Found, just ask your bartender about his credit card collection. Music Festivals have a great combo of outside your routine and alcohol but can lead to their own kind of challenges I have talked about before (the lost and found line). Simply, the more you drink the less you pay attention to the little things. Have sober come up with a plan so buzzed you isn’t totally screwed. 

Carry less, if you are going to be drinking just don’t take as much with you. Use dummy proof devices to keep those items on your body (your dad’s old fanny pack is making a comeback).

*Music Festivals Bonus Points- Lockers are amazing and the Entertainment Lockers Guys particularly so. Just don’t forget to get your stuff at the end.

  1. Children- just children in general

Murphy’s Law seemed to have children in particular in mind. Children (and to a lesser extent pets) have an amazing ability to immediately lose any new items you put on them or give to them. While owning children’s items seems about as temporary as umbrellas they still tend to reduce the wallet size and every parent can relate to the struggle of not being able to locate a child’s favorite companion item. From blankets to bears these can be irreplaceable.

Avoiding carrying the items becomes problematic so you will have to rely on “Labeling,” adding information to the item in the hopes it can be more quickly returned. This can be as high tech as Trackr and Tile or as simple as adding your phone number/email sown into the items.

Next Time

While this all may help you avoid loss you might still need to get ready for the inevitable.

Come on back to check out the next installment.

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