festival checklistAnother incredible festival experience awaits. You’ve scoured the lineup, gathered a group to go and maybe even started thinking about what to bring along for the adventure. Let’s get a nice festival checklist going to make sure you don’t forget anything important!

Festival Checklist Essentials


The start to any amazing festival checklist begins with people. You’ll need at least two peeps, one with you and one not.

  1. Your Festival Guardian Angel
    Pick one friend to be your anchor at the event. They will be the one you tell to come looking for you if you’ve taken too long to return from getting food/using the bathroom/hanging out with a new mystery friend. They will also be the one whose phone you can use as a backup form of contact in a pinch (if your phone gets lost or stolen).
  2. Your Long Distance Guardian Angel
    This is the friend or family member who is rock solid dependable. Ideally, they don’t have any big plans of their own while you’re partying your face off, but they are the type that even if they did they’d drop those plans to help you get out of a tight spot (ex. medical emergency, ran out of $$, need someone to tell your boss you’ll be taking Monday off unexpectedly).

Festival Checklist Secret: Don’t anchor yourself to a friend you’ll end up babysitting and get your non-festival lifeline a gift from the event as a thank you.


You are going to the fest because one of your Top 5 favs is playing. Other than their life-changing set, who else do you want to see? When and where are they playing? Add it to your festival checklist.

Get to your headliner’s stage early (90-120 minutes before set time) and hunker down. The previous band will likely be wrapping up, but you’ll be able to swoop in on prime real estate this far in advance. Most of the time, right in front of the mixing station is the best spot, since it’s centrally located and isn’t so close to the stage that you’ll get penned in by the masses that rush in just before the set begins.

Make a game plan ahead of time using the festival map or app to scout stage and time info, but be sure to factor in commute time to each stage and breaks for food/beverages/sanity amidst the revelry.

Festival Checklist Secret: Check out Setlist.fm to get a peek at what order your chosen band will roll out their jams the day of the show. Also, go see a band you’ve never heard of that someone you’re with is amped to see.


There will be hordes of people attending your music festival, which means that nearly all available means of travel, to/from and during the event, will take a bit longer than you’re probably expecting.

You already know this, but as a reminder…

  • Wifi may be spotty or rarely existent. Coordinate with friends ahead of time on meet up spots.
  • If Uber/Lyft is your thing, understand that it will be more expensive and have longer waits.
  • Bring a backup pair of shoes or sandals. Nobody wants to be the person with only one shoe/sandal.
  • Paper maps of the festival grounds and outlying region exist. They will be godsends when your battery craps out or if there is any kind of weather.

Festival Checklist Secret: Prep your exit before you take in your last band. That way you can just hit the road after the encore and everyone you’re with is on the same page, despite the bedlam around you.


Should it stay or should it go? The stuff you bring could add to your fun or ruin your trip. That is to say, consider the balance of possibilities when deciding what comes along. Here’s a quick list to get your mind right:

  • A GoPro will give you a visual record of goings-on, but needs to be charged and could be easily lost.
  • Backpacks are great for storage, but get pretty annoying to lug around and are terrible in crowds.
  • Our regular, everyday wallet/purse is convenient, but do you really need to bring your Social Security Card, Gift Cards or Student ID to a music festival?

Only bring what you’ll need for the time you’re at the festival. Leave everything else at home, in a locker or in a secure area outside of the festival grounds. Come to terms with the fact that this may be a one-way trip for some of your belongings and know what you’ll do if you lose them (This is where Crowdfind has your back!).

Festival Checklist Secret: Call or text your missing phone, even if the battery was dead when you lost it. The festival’s lost and found may be charging it and waiting for you to call or text. We here at Crowdfind do this at all of the festivals we work and you’d be amazed how many phones we quickly reunite because of it.

Ok, did you mark off all of the above on your festival checklist? All set? Good!

Have a safe and happy festival season!

Your Friend,


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