Don't be scared of your Lost & Found customer communication!
Don’t be scared of your Lost & Found customer communication!

Happy Halloween! While this time of year is designed to inspire fright, one thing that should never scare you is managing your Lost & Found customer communication.

We get it. Dealing with customer emails and phone calls about Lost & Found items can feel like a nightmare. Negative customer responses about your return process can be tough to take, especially when you are doing your best to respond as quickly as you can. One of the best ways to the combat this issue is by using Crowdfind to manage your Lost & Found inventory tracking and customer communication all in one place.

Crowdfind’s transparent inventory tracking system makes it easy for your staff and customers to understand what items you have and what items you don’t, thus increasing your customer responsiveness. The entire Crowdfind platform begins with a photo. When an item is turned in to your Lost & Found, your staff simply snaps a picture of the item via our mobile app and the item is logged into the system. The photo simplifies the process of tracking items for your staff, and makes responding to customer claims much easier as staff members now have a picture of an item to reference when validating ownership. For your customers, they can then search through a visual Lost & Found inventory at any time of day.  This significantly eases the anxiety that accompanies reaching out to a generic “Lost & Found” email address or filling out an opaque form.

Beyond just transparency, Crowdfind offers a number of features designed to improve your organization’s customer communication. Our auto-email feature sends automated email updates to individuals who have filed a Lost & Found claim, thus allowing you to communicate with your customers without any extra effort. In addition, our customer chat feature allows you to silo all customer communication with the proper Lost & Found claim, thus making tracking your conversations easy. Lastly, if your customer would like an item shipped back to them, you can generate and pay for (or have you customer pay for) shipping labels right from your Crowdfind dashboard, thus increasing your return time.

Interested in learning more about how Crowdfind can improve your Lost & Found customer communication?  Drop us a line below and we will be in touch.

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