Customer Service Tips
You might think, “I don’t need customer service tips, what my company does is fine.” However, good customer service is perhaps the most important tool a company can have.

A good customer experience can create loyal and lasting customers. However, one bad customer service experience can not only cause you to lose one customer, but also their friends, family, and even social media followers.

Customer Service Tips

Follow these customer service tips, and you will create brand loyal customers who are sure to share their good experiences with others:

  1. Listen to what the customer has to say. Sometimes, just feel like someone truly heard them and understood their frustration is enough. We know, sometimes customers can be long winded, but just let them get it all out and maybe by the end you will know the solution. Just be sure to never interrupt.
  2. Show them you are trying to find a solution. Bring in your manager for help, tell them you will speak to your boss. Keep it positive, don’t blame other conditions or coworkers, if you start going negative they will too. The more effort they see you put into it, the better they will feel. Even if their problem isn’t resolved.
  3. Be friendly. Always smile, people do notice it. Laugh, have fun, be lively. You could make their experience by just putting a little more personality behind your interaction.
  4. Go the extra mile. If they can’t find something – walk with them to the location, if they dropped something – pick it up for them, or even open the door for them. The best way to go the extra mile is by using Crowdfind.

Tips to go the extra mile

Now, let’s focus on the last customer service tip – Go the extra mile. Think, when is a time a customer would be very upset, frantic, and need your help finding a solution? When they lost something.  A Lost & Found interaction is perhaps the most delicate but is an opportunity to make a lasting positive impression.

By using Crowdfind, you could easily provide the best customer service in person, via email, phone, or social media. A customer is frantically asking about Lost & Found, asking for a number, a link, to see the box, and you are able to give them the option to search your inventory, file a claim online, and schedule shipping or coordinate a pickup all 24/7. With this Lost & Found resolution, their panic will be short-lived.

So the 5th and most important customer tip – Use Crowdfind!

For more information on how Crowdfind can help make your customers happy, watch this video:

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