Campus Lost and Found

Lost and Found on Campus

As a student heading out to campus for the first time can be quite an overwhelming experience. For many, it is the first time away from the comfort and support of home. A large sprawling campus lay before them to be explored for years ahead. Excited freshman venture out of the dorm for the first time and immediately get lost…

After years on campus, graduation now quickly approaches. Colleges and Universities all over the country are preparing for their commencement ceremonies. Those perky young freshman have matured into seniors celebrating their time in school and looking to the future, but many leave behind more than just wistful memories. An entirely different kind of lost but an impactful one all the same.

Campus Lost and Found can impact more than just student life. Valuables are separated from their owners on a daily basis at events, athletic competitions and just generally around campus. These items are funneled to the growing collection within Lost and Found. Most times those items are not likely getting returned.

Campus Lost and Found

Where are the items?

Finding your lost item can be quite challenging given the size of the campus and how students look for help. If you have a contact number: Good Luck. Not only is talking on the phone a hurdle but trying to describe what keys look like (um… they are keys you know) is near impossible, especially if you need to call all the Lost and Found centers.

Getting it back is so much better

These wayward items have settled into the various department storages over the year but now comes spring cleaning. Disposing of everything isn’t exactly simple. Considering the liability and information attached to those items, the environmental impact, campus regulation, and just the sheer volume and variety (don’t forget time) getting rid of these items can be complex. As you look back on the process and procedures it might be time to take a new approach to Lost and Found.

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