Better Customer Service

Most companies focus on customer service, and rightfully so…but is better customer service enough for consumers? According to Jeff Mowatt, today’s consumer notices only two types of service: poor service and remarkable service. So, what are you doing to make your customer service remarkable?

In an age where people hardly notice the fact your employees are always smiling, how clean your facility is, or how quick service is, how can you find a way to stand out? Well, this is how customer service relates to Crowdfind and our Lost & Found software.

Better Customer Service Isn’t Cutting It, Consumers Expect More

Your customers won’t always remember every little detail you put into their experience, but they will remember the exact moment they realized they lost something and how a company handled it.

If they are pushed from person to person, asked to call 15 different phone numbers, forced to jump through hoops, and left on hold for what seems like hours, they will probably feel the need to call the company out and tell others of their experience.

Better Customer Service Tweets

But, if you make your Lost & Found system accessible 24/7, easy, straightforward, honest, and fast they won’t just see it as better customer service, they will see it as remarkable. Maybe they will even be inspired to share their positive experience with all their social media followers.

Better Customer Service

Today, better customer service is not enough. Your company now faces the challenge of having remarkable customer service. Crowdfind wants to help make this happen, we want to give you an easy way for your company to take your better customer service and make it remarkable.

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