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Let’s face it, customer service is important. In our modern world, social media offers individuals a powerful microphone for voicing their opinions about an organization. If you offer poor customer service, your customers will let you (and their friends) hear all about it. Whether it’s a poor rating on Yelp or a negative post on Facebook, poor customer service stories have the ability to spread quickly.

When you go out of your way to surprise your customers, it shows that you truly care about their experience. Showing this extra attention will help your organization to stand out and generate positive social media feedback from your customers.

So, in a crowded and connected world, how can you differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack? Below are three tips for offering unique customer service experience to surprise and delight your patrons:

  1. Use Video on Your Website: We have all heard the old axiom that it is better to show rather than tell, yet organizations often create a drab, text-heavy FAQ section on their website that is meant to be a catch-all for curious customers. While this may work in theory, an alphabetized FAQ page is often difficult for your customers to navigate and ultimately leaves your customers feeling frustrated. One simple way to combat this is to use video to proactively answer questions. While videos may seem like more effort than simply typing out an answer, they offer your customers a friendly face and a voice to help humanize their experience on your website. In addition, videos can be much more effective than text for tutorials, as they are a great tool for conveying complex or multi-step ideas.
  2. Ask Your Customers For Feedback…Then Actually Follow Through: I know what you’re thinking, “a suggestion box? Seriously?” More than just a wooden box, you can turn your website into a dynamic suggestion tool, where customers can submit feedback and you can actually respond to each claim and provide updates anytime a suggestion is implemented your event or venue. A lot of software companies already employee this technique for their clients, but there is no reason that these same tactics cannot be replicated for brick-and-mortar establishments. Showing your customers that you are listening is one of the best ways to prove that you actually care about their needs.
  3. Offer a Superior Lost & Found Process: Navigating the Lost & Found at an event or venue can be difficult for your customers. Most organizations just toss their Lost & Found items into a bin, and set up a generic email address or voicemail box, which they check intermittently. What these organizations don’t understand is that they are missing out on a chance to truly WOW their customers. If someone pays to attend your event or to visit your venue and they lose something, you should do everything in your power to help this person find it. Or, at minimum, at least show them the decency of a prompt reply. By showing your customers that you are there for them, even when they made a mistake, you are making a very clear statement that you appreciate their business. And when you actually return it to them? Well, let’s just say they are rather enthusiastic!

So remember, the key to generating truly unique customer experiences is to put yourself in you customers’ shoes and look at the world from their eyes. They are giving you their hard earned money, so what can you do to make their experience memorable?

Did we miss something? Feel free to offer suggestions in our comments section. Interested in your own virtual Lost & Found page as a way to connect with your customers? We’d love to talk!

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